• Marinade Express

    The home table top appliance allows you to marinade up to 10 lbs. of your favorite meat.

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    Take the flavor, taste and texture of your favorite recipes to the next level.

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    Infusing Fabulous Flavors Into Your Favorite Recipes.

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    The Food Revolution

    What makes the Marinade Express such a revolutionary appliance? Why is it the perfect compliment to every kitchen?

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    Featured Recipe

    Now that spring has sprung we could not resist the urge to eat some deep fried turkey.

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    Facebook Recipe Contest

    Share your favorite recipe on facebook before March 1st and you could win a free assortment of MX Marinades.

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The Marinade Express table top home marinade appliance
The Marinade Express is the world’s most unique table top home marinade appliance. The Marinade Express allows you to marinade up to 10 lbs. of your favorite meats and veggies while delivering “Faster Flavor and Better Taste.”

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